whether you are looking for a free email account service? .. Below I give some free email account, please try:

1. GMX.com

GMX Mail offers email accounts including 5 GB of online storage and POP as well as IMAP access.You can read mail from other email accounts (including Gmail,Yahoo! Mail and Windows Live Hotmail) in GMX Mail.All mail is scanned for viruses and a learning spam filter keeps GMX Mail Inboxes clean.Flexible filters can sort incoming mail into custom folders or forward it, for example.GMX Mail's rich web interface includes drag and drop ease as well as rich-text email formatting.While you're away from computers,GMX Mail can send a vacation auto-reply.You can have GMX Mail delete mail from any folder (not just "Spam" and "Trash") after a certain number of days.In addition to an address book,GMX Mail also includes a calendar and online storage.

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2. Gawab.com

Gawab.com offers free web-based email accounts with 9.77 GB of online storage.You can access a Gawab.com account in any desktop email program using IMAP or POP Conversely, Gawab.com can
download mail from existing POP and IMAP accounts and lets you send mail from these addresses.In Gawab.com,you can sort your mail using folders and free-form labels. Labels, sender,date,subject,size and other criteria can be
used to search once—or automatically in smart folders.You can compose messages in plain text or using a rich-text editor— but also inserting HTML code manually. Gawab.com can track mail you've
sent and let you know, by way of an web beacon placed in your message,when it is opened. A spam filter moves obvious junk out of your Gawab.com inbox and you can report spam (or false positives) easily. Mail filters can file or forward messages automatically and an out of office auto-responder replies while you're away.
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FastMail offers a free email
account with 10 MB mailbox size and IMAP access (paid FastMail accounts include up to 6 GB).The fast and highly customizable web interface can compete with many an email program.Keyboard shortcuts make it fast.FastMail makes it easy to write both plain-text and rich HTML emails properly.You can create flexible custom filters and vacation auto-replies in FastMail. FastMail also includes basic protection from spam and viruses. Paid accounts use personal Bayesian filtering.Counteracting phishing attempts,FastMail disables links that can be identified as misleading.You can collect mail from other POP accounts and send messages using their addresses right from FastMail.FastMail includes a fully featured address book as well as file hosting and a notebook (but no calendar).
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4. inbox.com

Inbox.com offers free web-based email with 5 GB (US/CA/UK) or 2 GB online storage and POP access.You can organize mail using stars,custom folders,free labels and filters.Inbox.com filters spam using varying aggressiveness or a challenge/response mechanism.Remote images in emails can be blocked from automatic download to protect your privacy.Inbox.com lets you view mail in threads and supports rich HTML formatting in outgoing messages.You can send messages up to a size of 30 MB. For a fee,Inbox.com offers up to 30 GB storage and daily backups.Email integrates to some degree with Inbox.com calender,notes,file storage and photo galleries.
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For now is that I can just information, e-mail service above is a free email service in addition to gmail.com and yahoo.com because all of you surely already know gmail, yahoo and aol.
if there is new email service I will share soon.

* May be useful for you all *